Our Labour Hire For Construction Initiative

NDM Construction presents a lucrative opportunity for all unskilled labour force out there in and across Hunter Hill, Greenwich & North Sydney to become a part of our professional work force.

We don't mind if the aspiring labour has little prior experience or none at all. Will take them in our ranks, train and educate them on all manner of work we do for our clients across our target location and when they're ready, delegate them specific roles on the our projects.

Of course, before taking them in, we would properly check their trustworthiness, authenticity and whether they have any criminal records against them or not.

If everything appears fine, you are assured to get employment in a job role which will aptly fit your abilities and aspirations.

We Hire Unskilled Labour For Both Full-Time/Part -Time

Our unskilled labour hire entails both full time and part time recruitments as per our service offerings and urgent needs of different projects.

In Other Words - We Appoint Fresh Labour As -

    • Landscapers
    • Rubbish removalists
    • Renderers
    • Painting contractors
    • Retaining wall experts
    • Concreting specialist
    • Formwork/shuttering expert
NDM Construction

Are You An Aspiring Labour Looking For Regular Work...?

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