Kids Playgrounds Construction

Wish To Create A Safe Space For Kids To Expand Their Imaginative Abilities & Nurture Their Playtime?

If so, then NDM Construction - has years of experience in building interactive and enticing playgrounds/playscape to let children indulge their playfulness and hobbies.

We serve the locations- Hunter Hill, Greenwich & North Sydney.

From Astroturf laying to constructing playful forts and custom houses- we are confident in meeting all your requirement. Our kids playgrounds construction will also feature top-quality fit-outs aptly adhering to its relevant local/state regulations.

Moreover, we can also specialise in themed playground construction inclusive of a wide variety of play things and fun equipment for kids to entertain themselves and even learn some new skills along the way.

Revered as among the top kids playground construction companies within our target location; we have collaborated with several teachers, councils, playscape designers and children over the years to come up with functional and fun-filled playgrounds to best suit everyone's needs.

What All We Specialise In?

    • Soft Playgrounds
    • Rocket Playgrounds
    • Rope playgrounds
    • Ninja course playground
    • Volcano playgrounds
    • Custom playground
    • Cube playground
    • Commercial playground
    • Trampoline play centres
    • Jumping castle playgrounds
    • Sky-rider playground
NDM Construction

In Addition To These Unique And Fun-Filled Playgrounds

Our team also specialises in - Complete Playground Upgrades, Sand And Bar Pits, Adding Fresh Landscape Features, Fort And Cubby House Upgrades , Water Features/Garden Walks & Other Natural Features, Adding Soft & Hard Walls, and etc.

We also provide our services to clubs, hotels, resorts, clubs and family entertainment centres.

Want To Bring Your Kids Playscape Vision To Life? CONTACT US TODAY!

Our playground constructions and included play-things will always adhere to the laid down Australian & NZ standards. And no matter the type of playground you intend to construct; our diligent and experienced team will be with there from start to finish!